Satin BWA
Khebateer BWA x KheMona BWA
2006 black filly
Miz Ella BWA
AHR 627985
Khebateer BWA
x Sirenas Ellen BWA

2005 black filly
Owned by Laurence Perceval, France
Click for slide show of her weanling photos!

Khesir BWA
AHR 601096
(Khe Adhm x Sirenas Ellen BWA)
2000 black stallion

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Khebateer BWA
(Khe Adhm x FF Sirena)
2000 bay stallion

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El Nefous BWA
AHR 623943
by (Amir Seralim BWA x Bint Mona Fisa)

Strain: S-J
2004 Liver Chestnut
Zaraq El Amir BWA
AHR 626399
by (Amir Seralim BWA

x Khemona Lisa BWA
Strain: S-J
2004 Blue Black

Owned by Pierre Hermet  and Laurence Perceval
Rabdania BWA
AHR 603513
( Amir Seralim BWA x Glorieta Rabdania)
Strain: H-I

2001 Liver Chestnut mare

Glorys Hamla BWA
AHR 586854

(Amir Seralim BWA
x Glorieta Rabdania)
Strain: H-I
1999 Liver chestnut mare

Myrna Loy BWA
(Khesir BWA x Glorys Hamla BWA)
2005 Bay Mare
Owned by Zohar Arabians

Glorys Legada

(Amir Seralim BWA
x Glorieta Rabdania)

2003 Liver chestnut mare
Owned by Laurence Perceval, France




Monanisa BWA
by (Amir Seralim BWA x Bint Mona Fisa)

2002 Seal Brown mare


Selah Elham BWA
(Masada El Shawan x Bint Mona Fisa)


Selah Elham BWA

Missemma BWA
(Mon Amir BWA x
Sirenas Ellen BWA) Foaled in 2003.
Exported to Kuwait 2007


Sirenas Ellen BWA

(Masada El Shahwan
FF Sirena)


MonaFisasSolar BWA

(SE/AK/SO) (Masada El Shahwan out of Bint Mona Fisa)  He is a 1/2 (maternal) brother to MonAmir BWA and full sibling to Selah Elham BWA. Owned by Stephanie Cofer of Virginia


KheMona Lisa BWA
(SE/AK/SO/HL) 2000 Mare (Khe Adhmx Bint Mona Fisa)

See Zaraq El Amir BWA for a look at her impressive black SE/AK/SO/HL son by Amir Seralim BWA.







LoveLetters BWA
Amir Seralim BWA x FF Sirena

1998 Liver Chestnut mare


Mon Amir BWA
by (Amir Seralim BWA x Bint Mona Fisa)
1997 Liver chestnut stallion
Owned by Ken & Jennifer Porter, Texas


Willowood Nazeer (aka Fabl) SE/AK/SO colt by Masada El Shahwan x Glorieta Rabdania Owned by Martha Collier.

Crystal Cloud BWA by Masada El Shahwan out of Chase The Clouds a Multiple EP Champion. SOLD to Julia Carr; Connecticut. Click here for a view of her jumping

Crystal Cloud

RA Heartlight

(AM Count Fast x Landi)

A 15.2h lovely mare. The dam of Madame Perfection

Kissmequick BWA
(AM Count Fast+/ x GH Jebsregina)
Dam's ref sire AM Count Fast+/ (*Count Dorsaz x *Silver Diamond)
Click here to see him now!

Stand Fast BWA
(Amir Seralim BWA x Kissme Quick BWA
by AM Count Fast+/)

Owned by Cathy and Chuck Curtis, NC


Perfection BWA

registered HA/NSH/PINTO Champion halter and also ribbon winner in performance. Dam of Rosey


Madame Perfection BWA
Queenohearts is a 96 filly by Masada El Shahwan and out of the pure English bred mare (AM Count Fast x Landi).  
Owned by:  Bill and Cynthia Zeiglar

Aswad Shahwan BWA
2001 black stallion (SE/AK/SO)
by Amir Seralim BWA x Sirenas Ellen BWA

Owned by
Laurence Perceval France

2001 colt by WSA Windjammer
KissmeQuick BWA by AM Count Fast+/ and her 2001 colt sired by WSA Windjammer

Sold to Henry LaRue of Marion, SC
Brandywine Kemal  is a pure Egyptian by Masada El Shahwan out of the Pritzlaff / Rabanna mare, Ghaminarsi.

Owned by:
Bill and Cynthia Zeiglar

Ghim Gaziya "Dancer"
Chasing Shadows x Chase The Clouds


Piano Rose BWA  is by Amir Seralim BWA out of Madame Perfection an Half Arabian / Pinto.

Rosey is now owned by Carl and Diana Poole
Amir Seralim BWA